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Sapthaham - 2009

Rukmini swayamvaram - 2009....

Saturday, July 18, 2009


The 1741 NSS Karayogam aim to extend a helping hand and support to forward community members and families who look out for assistance of various sorts. It varies from monetary, medical aid and even care for the very old. The suggestion put forward by the Karayogam Managing Committee has been greeted gladly by every karayogam members and appreciated them on their interest in this matter. The mission with broad range of community based services is named as Pension & Development Plan.

As the first phase of this the Karayogam has decided to provide monthly financial assistance to the financialy backward old age people in the community.

The Karayogam is likely to extend its contribution in followings regions together with the pension scheme.

1.Financial aid to poor Nair families under NSS karayogam No 1741.

The NSS Karayogam & its governing body has decided to concentrate on extending financial aid to the poor Nair families residing in Neervilakom.

2.Financial assistance to poor Nair brides.

To provide financial assistance for the poor Nair brides who are living below poverty line to meet their marriage expenses.

3.Medical assistance to financially backward.

The Karayogam will reach to those ill-fated members who has to depend on costly medicines for their sheer survival and will provide necessary medical assistance.

4.Scholorship for meritorious students among us.

The NSS karayogam under will provide financial support and necessary assistance for parents to send their children for higher education course at university or college.

The NSS Karayogam appeal to generous, well to do, members of the nair community to assist us financially since we are commited to extend a helping hand to our own brothers and sisters who live below poverty line and yet remain uncared in the society.

Please come forward and join hands together to help the needy. Expecting your co- operation by sending your valuable contribution in the below mentioned bank account.

Neervilakom NSS Karayogam.
Reg No: 1741
The Govt. Servants Co - op. Bank Ltd.
Neervilakom Branch.

SB AC No 419.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


It is very difficult to give a short description about Neervilakom Ayyappa Temple and I'm not enough to describe about this temple. But I think this blog will be hepful to all ayyappa devotees and the intention is to give a picture about this temple to the devotees from Tamil Nadu & Karnataka who arrives at Chengannur at the time of sabarimala pilgrimage. As chengannur is the destination place for those sabarimala pilgrims those arriving by train, this is the first ayyappa temple on the way to Sabarimala from the destination place. It will be nice to start your journey from chengannur by taking a bath at the holy Pampa river, having your prayers at Mahadeva kshethram and then have a visit at this temple which is in one of the most beautiful villages in Kerala. As this temple and village is away from township the atmosphere there is very calm and quiet and feel the beauty of nature where the god has shown his artistic ability.

NEERVILAKOM SREE AYYAPPA TEMPLE is one among the most prominent ayyappa temples in kerala. This temple is located, 5 kms away from Chengannur Mahadeva temple & 7 kms away from Aranmula Parthasarathy temple.
The main festival celebrated is ‘UTHRAM MAHOLSAVAM’; annually during March/April. 11 days of festival starts with KODIYETTAM followed by many cultural & traditional programs in subsequent days. The main attraction of this festival is ‘KAAVADIYATTAM, PALLIVILAKKU, PALLIVETTA & AARATTU’.
The second main festival is SREE BHAGAVATHA SAPTHAHA YAGNAM, during Jan/Feb. This includes detail description of Bhagavatham followed by religious speeches, cultural & traditional programs. 7 days of festival ends with AARATTULSAVAM.

SREE BHAGAVATH GEETHA JNANA YAJNAM is another important festival in this temple. The geetha jnanan yajnam is conducted in the first week of May.
PANTHIRUNNAZHI is the main VAZHIPADU of this temple .
During Mandala kaalam "VILAKKUKOLUTHU" is conducted for 41 days in the temple.

Melshanthi of Neervilakom Ayyappa temple . Shri Reghupathy thirumeni.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Governing body.

The Neervilakom Ayyappa Temple is governed by an elected group from the 1741 NSS karayogam members residing in Neervilakom. The karayogam committe is the authorized body which is responsible for looking the day to affairs of the temple. The current Karayogam committe is headed by

Mr.T.R. Vasudevan Pillai

Mr. M.P Gopakumar Nair

Mr. A.N. Vijayakumar

Taluk Union Representative
Mr. A.V. Govindankutti Nair

Electroral role member
Mr. M.K. Venugopal

Committe Members

Mr. K.N. Radhakrishnan Nair
Mr. Ravindran Nair
Mr. K.P. Radhakrishnan Nair
Mr. P.K. Muralimanohar
Mr. Ajikumar
Mr. M.N. Sasidharan Pillai