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Geeta Jnana Yagnam

Geeta Jnana Yajnam

"SREEMATH BHAGAVATH GEETHA JNANA YAJNAM"  is the third important festival of the Neervilakom Ayyappa Temple.

The Haindava Seva Samithi, Neervilakom  is elaborately conducting the meet every year during the first week of May.  The week - long annual religious meet will start on May 1. Geeta Jnana Yajnam is conducted under the guidance of Swami Vedananda Saraswati, head of Peruva Gitananda Ashram.

The first day of festival starts with a pocession from Edanattidam Temple to Neervilakom Temple. While the pocession reaches the Neervilakom temple the Swami's & spiritual leaders attending the yajnam will be greeted with "Poorna kumbas". Swami's & religious leaders from various part of kerala will attend the yajnam and deliver a religious discourse at the evening session every day.

Bhagavatham receital and the meaning will be explained to the children by the "acharyan" of the yajnam. A religious discourse will be held at the convention venue on a regular basis from May 2 to 7. "Yuvajana Sangamam (Youth meet), "Vanitha Sangamam (Womens meet), "Acharya Sangamam (Spiritual leader's meet) will be conducted during the first 7 days of the Yajnam. Various poojas like "Sarvaiswaryapuja" & "Leksmi Pooja" will be held during the Yajnam. In the evening session various cultural programmes of the Balagokulam children will be held in the temple auditorium.

"Hindu Maha Sammelanam" will be conducted on the 8th day  marking the culmination of the annual meet.
The Hindu Maha Sammelanam 2010 was inagurated by Swami Vedananda Saraswati and presided by Mr. Gopalakrishnan Nair, Kadakkilethu.  

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The main access to Neervilakom temple

The main access to Neervilakom temple

Distance to nearby places (approximate)
Chengannur railway station = 5kms.
Aranmula = 7 kms.
Kozhencherry = 10 kms.
Kidangannur = 7 kms

Coming from Chengannur : - Chengannur - Arattupuzha - Neervilakom. Bus service is available upto Arattupuzha .  From there autorikshaws and taxi cars are available to reach Neervilakom.

Coming from Kozhenchery : - Kozhencherry - Aranmula - Malakkara - Neervilakom. Bus service is available upto Malakkara. From there autorikshaws and taxi cars are available to reach Neervilakom.

Coming from Pandalam : - Pandalam - Kidangannur - Neervilakom. Bus service is available upto Kidangannur. From there autorikshaws and taxi cars are available to reach Neervilakom.

The fare for autorikshaw and taxi car from Malakkara / Arattupuzha to Neervilakom is Rs 30.00 & amp; Rs 80.00 respectively & from kidangannur will be little higher.